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Drenched for the bone, the personnel pushed by till dawn, ploughing the sector by spotlight to obtain it all set to be fertilised and seeded about the weekend.On January 21, the Church of Scientology moved its domain to Prolexic Systems, a group that specializes in guarding Web pages from [denial of provider] assaults by making a Safe and sound tun… Read More

Marty does not demand dwelling-company. But he does acknowledge their financial donations. Coupled with fiscal pledges to his Internet site, these now characterize his overall money. Critics say He's for that reason leveraging his previous status in the Church for fiscal acquire.Because of this, the condition attorney dropped the fees over the grou… Read More

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Confidentiality of private Info. The next product in the “unattractive” category is concerning your personal revelations inside your spiritual journey in Scientology. In the course of the system of one's spiritual counselling you can investigate your personal thoughts and make some enjoyable and uplifting discoveries. But additionally, you will… Read More